Youth Programs

Anti-Sexual Violence Training Institute

The Anti-Sexual Violence Training Institute provides prevention education to middle school and high school students. By making students aware of the factors that contribute to the perpetuation of sexual violence in their community and inspiring self-analysis, thereby creating conscious youth, the program seeks to prevent future sexual violence.

Credible Peer Leaders

The Credible Peer Leaders Project identifies high school age leaders in the community and trains them to become a voice of the anti-sexual violence movement by educating their peers. Youth are encouraged to educate their peers via classroom presentations, research projects and informal conversations.

It's A Kid Thing

It's a Kid Thing is a personal safety program offered to elementary students to prevent child sexual abuse. Presenters discuss owning your own body, recognizing good and bad touches, how to say, "NO", and what to do if touched inappropriately.

Palabra Project

PalabraProject is created by men of color for men of color. The program aims to redefine Masculinity, and create active bystanders in the community to help end violence against women. It is an after school 10-session program. Local community members and leaders will help in building a safe place for the positive growth of young men.