Criminal Justice System: Statistics

Less than a quarter (22%) of all sexual assault charges filed were tried as court cases in the state of New Mexico in 2014.1

Investigating and filing charges against perpetrators of sexual violence in New Mexico is often challenging due to the nature of crimes like sexual assault, Below are statistics which outline sexual violence reporting and charges in the New Mexico criminal justice system.


Sexual Assaults Reported & Charges Filed

In 2014, less than a fifth (17%) of all sexual assault cases were reported to law enforcement and less than a tenth of those cases lead to arrests (7%) and/or criminal charges (6%).1



Restraining Orders Filed & Violated following Assault

Only a tenth (10%) of survivors filed Restraining Orders against their perpetrators, almost half of which (49%) violated the Restraining Order filed against them.



Of Cases that Were Disposed

Of all the cases that were disposed, or settled, in court, less than half plead/were found guilty (42%), less than a tenth (4%) were acquitted, or found innocent, and nearly half were dismissed (50%).1



1SEX CRIMES TRENDS IN NEW MEXICO: An Analysis of Data from The New Mexico Interpersonal Violence Data Central Repository 2010-2014 2010-2014 data; published Jan. 2016


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