Programs & Services

We serve the community with a wide range of programs and services.

Crisis Intervention Services provides 24-hour support, advocacy, crisis intervention, resources, referrals to anyone affected by sexual violence as well as accompaniment to area hospitals. Crisis Services responds to approximately 2000 calls to the hotline per year and 600 hospital exams per year. Staff also provide court support, legal information, and other advocacy services for survivors.

Counseling is available free of charge to anyone affected by sexual violence who is over the age of 13. The Counseling department employs full-time counselors who are all specially trained in the field of sexual assault and trauma.

Community Education & Outreach (CE&O) provides age-appropriate curriculums and presentations to educational institutions, community groups, and professionals. CE&O staff works toward bringing visibility to the center through ongoing community engagement and participation in activities and events. The CE&O team reaches an average of 5,000 children, youth and adult community members every year. Community educators facilitate educational workshops and presentations in a variety of settings including, but not limited to, community centers, schools, law enforcement, churches, and other agencies and organizations. Our goal is to deliver primary prevention education to communities throughout central New Mexico, as well as to explore the many ways we can continue to decrease the rates of sexual violence, and to build healthy communities where our families, friends, neighbors and loved ones can share the value of consensual physical relationships. If you would like to request a presentation or an information table, please submit a request form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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