Does your professional group need training on sexual violence or surrounding topics? The Community Education and Outreach Department provides presentations and workshops that are free and always tailored to address the needs of your group or target audience. For more information, questions, or to schedule a presentation, please contact the program director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Trauma-Informed Care

Due to the pervasiveness of sexual violence, health professionals and practitioners are very likely to be working unknowingly, with victims and survivors. This training examines the effects of trauma and the ways we can restore dignity and safety for those seeking services and care while respecting the many cultures and identities of the people served.

Understanding Systems of Oppression

One of our philosophies and guiding principles is that we understand sexual violence won’t end until all forms of oppression end. This training looks at the intersections of sexual violence and oppression. Participants are asked to examine their own privileges in order to recognize the barriers oppressed groups experience each and every day and challenge the social norms that normalize violence and make it acceptable.

Sexual Violence for the 21st Century

Sexual violence prevention and education has evolved to keep up with our fast paced contemporary lifestyles. This training looks at the ways rape culture perpetuates sexual violence, it explores the ways social media has changed the way we are discussing sexual violence, and provides strategies for combatting sexual violence through bystander intervention.

Child Sexual Abuse

This training explores the many ways parents, guardians, teachers, service providers, and community members can prevent child sexual abuse through consent education. This training also examines New Mexico child sexual abuse statistics and data.

*Trainings are always tailor fit to each group, they include activities, group discussions, visual and video’s and even humor.

Working With Survivors of Sexual Assault

Many professionals will encounter stories of sexual abuse in the work that they do. Community Education and Outreach can train professionals on sexual violence issues and ways to respond to survivors. Trainings include information on survivor reactions, long term impact of sexual violence, reporting sexual violence, available resources and supporting survivors.


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